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Streaming audio over a network with VLC


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Well firstly I'd like to say "Hello, world!" and I hope you're all eating well etc.

I've been watching Hak5 since the 1st series, and I've even popped into IRC once or twice over the years.

I recently started putting together a site to document the stuff I get up to, and to try and tune my rather rusty php / html and css skills.

I wrote a little guide / blog / diary / whatever you want to call it on streaming audio over a network with VLC the other day and thought I might share. I know everyone loves all the three letter acronyms that start with V.

My problem was that I wanted to use my hifi and big speakers to listen to music from my laptop without having to plug anything into it. I decided streaming it to the desktop machine that my hifi is hooked up to would be a good idea.

Take a look anyway: http://sbt.org.uk/vlcstreaming.php

It's not an advanced guide by any means, but I thought it might prove useful to someone.

There's a couple of other things on there too (Really... I haven't put much up yet) if you fancy having a poke about. Like how to share an SSH session on *nix with dtach, or send keystrokes with VBScript.

Any comments would be really appreciated :-)

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VLC is great for this, video works in much the same way and it's so useful, I can stream the output of my digital TV set top box to my laptop via my desktop's capture card and VLC, works a treat.

Thanks for the link anyways, might well come in handy for someone. Welcome to the forum, also. :)

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