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Short story:

Computer crashed, and the BSOD I get when I boot is UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME.

Long Story:

I recently installed SP3, epic fail. Ever since then, I get BSODs for completely stupid reasons, such as my wifi card not authenticating. Anyways, one happened so I rebooted. Once I rebooted I was confronted with the error in the title. I rebooted, hoping it would go away, but it did not. I booted up an ubuntu live cd, and I can access the files, but I can't get them off. I was wondering if anyone had advice on copying the files over to a flash drive, because ubuntu can't see my flash drive.

What I have done:

I have mounted the partition successfully. I can copy the files as root, but only using the command line.

What I want done:

I want all of my documents, desktop, and other random things off there onto another flash drive.

Other info:

I used Kubuntu (the KDE version of Ubuntu) as it is the only live cd that isn't scratched like hell.

I have multiple partitions, E, and C. I can access E in Windows (on another computer) connected to an external volume, but cant access C on Windows. On Ubuntu it is vice versa.

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Simple Fix:

Take drive and hook into 2nd machine running XP, if the drive is accessible take ownership and move everything to another drive. Ubuntu (versions with 3G NTFS read/write included) should ignore NTFS permissions and allow you to copy everything over though.

If not, you need to repair the partition using one of the many tools you can find for windows.

As for Ubuntu not seeing your flash drive, no idea. Try a different one?

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Is the FileSystem corrupt?

I think so, because Windows can't see one partition, but Ubuntu can see it fine.

What kind of partition repair tools are there?

The thing I was having trouble with was moving the files on Ubuntu.

I could only mount the hard drive as root, so I couldn't use Konqueror to visualize it. I haven't used linux in a bit, so I can't exactly open up a shell and work on it.

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The trouble is, if windows won't assign a letter to the drive, you can't run a file system check.

Might want to give spinrite a go actually, it seems like a file system error rather then a drive error, but it might fix it.

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I don't trust Steve Gibson as far as I could throw him, and I'm not sure I trust Spinrite either.

The Rise and Fall of GRC

It's just sad that Leo Laporte has become such a fanboy for Gibson.

On a more helpful note, I experienced this error a few years ago. I did exactly what VaKo suggested and it worked out fine for me. I did have to reinstall WindowsXP, but it was my own fault that the computer borked in the first place.

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