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Mark + Tech Support = good laughs for all


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For some time now a few friends of mine and I have been using the hak.5 Ventrilo server, no one else does, so we might as well. Any way, one day Mark ask Jolly for a bit of help with burning a cue file with Nero, the conversation went on for about half an hour (I was listening to it while playing Black and White 2), eventualy it ratched the point where I started recording the conversation becasue it was getting quite humorus, and Mark was showing true genuin idiocy at the same time. After I started recording the conversation went on for another houre, I'm in the proccess of editing it down in to small clips, so far I have 5 clips, and here they are, please be gentle, I have very limited bandwidth. (Any willing hosts with plenty of band width?)

Clip 1 Explorerer?

Clip 2 Ctrl+Alt+Del * 2 = Restart?

Clip 3 msconfig!

Clip 4 ay tee eye!

Clip 5 Yes to everything!

Can you hear the frustration in Jolly's voice?

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I can identify with him. I've talked to people about 20 times more useless when it comes to their PC.

Worth the listen, but i've herd / read a ton of these types of thigns online. One of my all time favorites is the lady who requested a new cupholder because hers broke.

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Since revolations2525 hasn't got back to me about hosting the files, i'll just post the links of the latest clips on my server. Please mak the effet to only download each file once and once only.

Clip 6 Mount that...

Clip 7 and that iso!

Clip 8 Compress 'n' FTP!

Clip 9 Little gay counter

Clip 10 Taking the hobbits to Isengard!

Clip 11 Lets begin by running windows

Clip 12 If only I knew what task manegment means

There is more to come... just hold on, I have to reduce the amount of silence and then segmentise it (fortunatly Audacity makes this realy easy).

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Urgh... Unfortunately I often have to deal with these people and I rather wish I didn't... they never learn either, no matter how many times youtry to teach them... it's sad, but true...

*goes and cries in the corner*

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