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Keep Limited Accounts From Closing Apps


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I need to keep an app (opendns updater) from opendns.org from being able to close on a limited account.... can you help me?


one more thing...

can I get it so that I can have two accounts?

1 account under the dns servers of opendns

and the other account under the local dns....

Blocking the internet on just one account??

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Yes but....

If someone closes that app then eventually the ip will not update with opendns and the blocks go down. How do I keep a limited user from closing the app?

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I don't think that a limited account can stop services.

Haven't tried it on a limited account, but you can always bring up the services console by typing services.msc from a run or cmd/command prompt. You can even use the command prompt to just stop a service or change it's settings.

Not sure if there is a way to grey out that tab so they can't change it, but it will continually restart the program if it gets closed by anyone when set to restart under the recovery tab for a service profile. Also, might be able to keep them from opening services.msc (and a cmd/command window) with a group policy snapin, so this way, they can't go into the services and disable them.

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adding as a service sounds like a good idea thanks... and I'll play around with it in a limited account so then I'll known if its easy to get around.

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