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please help my brother formated my ntfs partition......


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first of all , iam greek so my english is not so good.sorry

my brother thred 2 repair windows over windows xp setup and he exidently push 2 format the partition.

what cane i do???is everthing lost???

i thing they was a linux live cd with that i can repair the partition. is this true???

it is a laptop and i cant open it beacause of the warenty

please help me



First of all I'd like to say that English is not my primary language. I apologise for any confusion this may cause.

My brother tried to repair an installation of Windows XP but during the installation accidentally chose to format the drive.
I was wondering if there might be anything I can do to recover my data.

I seem to remember hearing about a recovery disc based on Linux, is this true? Does anyone know of such a thing?

The machine is a laptop and I'd rather not void the warranty.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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sorry what???


You need something to unformat your drive. There are a ton of such tools on everyone's favourite boot CD of questionable legal status, Hiren's. There are free tools to do the same thing.

Basically you need to boot something (be it a Linux livecd, Hiren's Boot CD, Ultimate Boot CD, whatever) and run disk recovery software. There's a fair chance that some of your data is recoverable though since you've overwritten some of it by setting up Windows over it, some of it will likely have been destroyed (or best case scenario, corrupted).

Excuse my saying so but you seem to be somewhat new to data recovery so if you have a local geek, get him to help you.

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sorry i dont have do this before so i dont know .

why is that a legal problem???

i ask in a other forum they told me 2 youse the sysresccd anybody good experience with that???

and i dindt overwrite the partition its total clean like after a formatation and i dont erease the partition...

send fingers crossd :-)

Sorry, I've not encountered this problem before so I don't know much about it. Why would there be a legal issue?

I've asked in another forum and they told me I might be able to use SysRecCD. Has anyone used this?

I haven't deleted the partition and I haven't written anything to it. It is currently freshly formatted.

Hope it's recoverable!

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I don't know whether your primary language is English but if it is I'd be much more willing to help you if you used it.

Edit: My mistake, apparently it's not. I was having trouble deciphering the original post and missed the part where you mentioned you were Greek.

Hiren's Boot CD, so it's said, contains warez. This is why it's "of questionable legality".

I've never heard of sysresccd but according to Google it's much the same as Hiren's Boot CD/UBCD/etc, so I suspect it will likely do the job.

If you didn't write anything to the drive after formatting it then you'll have a higher chance or recovering everything. If Windows began installing then you may have lost any amount of data.

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is everthing lost???

If you can get back to Windows... you might take a look on program called GetDataBackForNTFS (or something like that) - runtime.org/data-recovery-software.htm

I´m not suggest you to "pirate it" but if your data is lost... i bet you will :rolleyes:

PS. if you ARE running some kinda anti virus program you might get some serials @ [No Warez (Moonlit)]

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sorry is a littletbit missunderstanding , i understand everthing you write but for me its dificult write, anyway...

on the harddrive of the laptopare severel partition.i make some pics in testdisk and in gparted mybe you cane help me better ..

in some minutes i will upload the pics....

thanks 4 youre big help 4 now

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I understand what you're writing but I find it hard to write back.

The laptop hard drive has several partitions. I will take screenshots in TestDisk and GParted to make things a little clearer. I will upload the pictures soon.

Thanks for your help.

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hello sorry iam wirte this so late but i have a alot of work 2 do.

and thanks 2 Moonlit for the translation.

so i just take some pics. but i dont now what else 2 do.this is how far i came with the programs.

i start the laptop with the boot cd and i start TestDisk


\"i push enter\"


\"enter again\"


\"enter again\"


\"enter again\"


\"enter again\"


\"i push y\"


\"enter again\"


\"enter again\"


\"this is at 99% of the search.there is a partition that show up about 1 sec i cant capture it on with the camera sorry it was a ntfs partition\"


\"this is after the search\"

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