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If you know there IP can you hack them?


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That's a really vague question. Since you're asking it, i'm going to assume you probably know very little if anything about how networking / computers / security works. I suggest doing some research, get some books ,read articles online, etc.

Your question can be equated to this: I know the person's address, can I break into their house?

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Yeah sarcasm aside, comcipher is right... asking that question is a little like asking if you can break into someone's house if you know their address hence our comments...

A little research will tell you all you need to know though.

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OMGGZZZZ j00 w4nn4 haX0r s0m3333 n00000bbbbbzzzzz YEAHH!!?!?!?!?!? OMGGGGZZZZZZZZZZZZ

well leik get dis uber hakin tool that u type ppls eyepeess in to n it liek hacks into there pcs n like does some computery shit n then like yeh makes there pc all shit

basically it makes them run windows ;) haha

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If you know somones IP in another city is it possible to hack them?

Courtesy of TomB sarcastic productions:

No it is not possible to hack someone in a different city if you have their IP, the reasoning behind this is that like telephone numbers IPs themselves to, need a city/county code prefixed to the IP, now these city/country codes are classified information. This is why it is highly illegal to hack accross city and state lines, because to do this you have to have the city/country codes for the IP, now the only way you code have obtained this code is via illegal methods.

Now I suggest you should go find the person and hack them in the face with an axe. You will end up in jail, and for a lesser sentence due to not stealing city/country codes for IPs.


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now as for the most with an ip, it depends on wiether they are firwalled, and wiether they have a NAT router. If they are compleatly open to the (inter)net (and they are a noob) the quite soem fun stuff can be done. You can od some port scans and find what serveices they are running . If they have stuff that explitable you can expoit it. If they have like remote desktop or soemthign simpluare youc an exploit it. Basicly its liek, if they have the door open and u knwo there adress then yes, if they have a good door and a security system then no.

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