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I love this forum, although I wish that when I click a link on the main page (index) that was recently posted to, it doesn't send me to the newest, I always need to scroll down. I wish there was also a breadcrumb at the bottom, so I don't suffer scrolling too much syndrome. The max post per page limit should be reduced.

Other than that, these forums are awesome! I love the "fast reply"

I know what you mean about the breadcrumbs. After making a post using the fast reply box at the bottom by habit I scroll all the way back up just to click the breadcrumb link back to the board I'm reading. It turns out there is actually a drop-down that lets you just to any board right under and the right of the fast-reply box. By default it has the current board selected to simply clicking go will return you to the parent board.


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I for one keep getting logged out of the forums even though I have the "remember me" box checked. Kinda weird since this only does it here and not on any other ipb forums.

It turns out clicking the Hak5 logo on the header brings you back to the index while also logging you out. I'm checking the template code, hope to have this fixed real quick.

Edit: It looks like the problem is the header logo isn't passing the session id. still working on it.

Edit: Fixed :)

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