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Phone/Internet Tablet to buy


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Guys I currently have a t-mobile dash and am not to satisfied with it. I'm looking for something that is pretty much an all in one. Flash player device, wifi and what seems to be the hardest to find in what I'm looking for a video recorder. I had the iphone but I was disappointed in the phone itself it doesn't have external storage and can't record video. I've read forums where people have modded it to do video, but im looking for something "out of the box" all in one.

The T-mobile sidekick would be great, but it doesn't do video either. I was sorta looking at the nokia n800/810. It seems to suite all my needs, but does anyone know if it records video too?

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The N810 is pretty much just a modern Psion, and isn't that great out the box (needs modding before its useful). What it is useful for is  to ligten your phone load. I have a N810 and it works brilliantly with my Samsung i600. Phone is for calls/texts/emails and n810 is for mobile computing. If you want video you would be better off looking at a more consumor orientated media phone though, like a nokia N series or Sony. The n810's camera is barely better than a series of self portraits done by a collection of children. Personally, I am waiting for the Nokia E71 / Liam, as this seems to be the best QWERTY phone I have seen in a while.

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