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gateway behind gateway???


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I cant even begin to explain this.

heres the basic scenario

      LAN1 ---vpn---      LAN2          ----dedicated line---        LAN3                                  

LAN1 and LAN 3 can ping LAN2, LAN2 can ping both LAN2 and 3 But LAN's 1 & 3 cant ping each other. i want them too.

LAN2 has separate gateways for the vpn and dedicated line. static routes take care of this nicely when on LAN2.  But as far as i can tell static routing rules are limited to the first hop.

So essentially i want to setup a routing rule to tell my packets @ if you want mask gw though gw then gw to

Did that make sense to anyone? i knows what i wants  just cant explain  good

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