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jooce.com (online destop , beryl fx & unlimited storage = me like)


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i'm usually not the guy for online desktops or mp3 players etc but this seems to combine em well , is free and have unlimited storage , i read about it in a computer mag (c't) and am now registering an account , i'd also like some other ppl's opinions tho ...

it has multiple desktops , im messengers , beryl fx , even a linux like loading screen ....

(ps its based in france)

check it : http://jooce.com

screenshots found online:

width=440 height=287http://www.d13design.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/jooce1.jpg[/img]

width=440 height=287http://www.d13design.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/jooce2.jpg[/img]

width=440 height=287http://www.d13design.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/jooce3.jpg[/img]


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F*ck i've been playing with it for 5mins and i'm absolutely loving it :O

i'll make a screencast lateron :p

in the meantime here's some other ppls vids bout it :


guide on how to upload etc :

dutch review :

o and did i mention it was multilanguage ?

This is what web 2.0 should be ! :p

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I'm sorry, but a web based desktop on the web. I have seen web based shells for the local file system, which are kinda cool, cause you can customize them yourself, but I already have a desktop. Why do I want one that loads on the Internet for everyone to see? How private is it? What kind of security is there? I am sure there is going to be some exploits for something like this, its just a matter of time.

I like the idea of the 3d interface to switch between desktops, but seems like some sort of glorified web browser to look like a desktop that can do what my pc already does. If it was something like a new shell for the lo file system, I might see the value in it, but to have the files you save and work with in that environment pulling for the Internet, as well as that link between my PC and some web server always open, I just don't feel comfortable with it. It wreaks of google apps with a myspcae mashup and makes me wonder how much info they are harvesting from the people that are using their service, not to mention what private into they sell to third parties, regardless of what they say they keep private. Wonder how long it takes the MySpace hackers to create desktop files that redirect you to some phishing/virii sites.

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Well, but it's great if you are at school or sth. We only have old win 2000 there, but this looks much better and you can have all the apps you need running there.

Edit: After playing with it a little bit, I must say that it's not as cool as I exspected it. It sounds somehow cool, but for example it gave me an error when I tried to upload a 20MB video file...

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