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Hak.5 on Computer America Radio Friday May 19th

Darren Kitchen

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Hak.5 will be on the Computer America radio show with Craig Crossman and Carey Holzman this Friday night (May 19th) at 10pm EST (-5 GMT)/ 7pm PST. Computer America is “America’s longest-running nationally syndicated radio talk show about computers”. You can tune into the radio broadcast if it’s carried in your area or listen to the Internet stream.

I’ll make the MP3 available here on Saturday. This is a live call in show so feel free to join in!

Station Listing: http://www.businesstalkradio.net/zipsearch.shtml

Internet Stream: http://www.computeramerica.com/listen.htm

Yes, this is a repost from the website but a ton of people head straight to the forums and never see the website so I figured I'd post it here too.

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Didn't you give these guys 2 chances at a segment on the show already, in which they clearly and truly *SUCKED ASS*?

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Lets hope this one goes a bit better...

22:00 19th May EST is 03:00 GMT 20th May in England for thoughs who care.

I think I'll refrain from talking about EDT and BST here. It just confuses everyone.

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They archive their shows for at least the past day or so. I'm sure we'll get a holler on either the forum or the website that it's over and went (well/terrible) at which point you can decide to grab the episode. It gets posted in MP3 format, so there shouldn't be any problems for anybody.

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The show was ok but the host likes to talk a bit much for my tastes. I always was told to shut up and let your guests talk till they are silent then feed them more to talk about.

The one awesome thing from the show though is i didn't know the IPTVwiki was live yet. I just went and signed up over there and started posting under my new IPTV show Hackintosh TV i have mentioned before.

Finally going to start filming for it in late July since i have been busy with our skate team plus gathering funds to get some better gear and some relics from ebay i can beat into submission like a 12" G3 iBook i am going to mod the hell out of. I also am jokingly thinking about buying a bunch of parts for an ibook and building one from the ground up or putting the parts into there own custom box ala the iAtariMac http://www.mymac.com/showarticle.php?id=1928.

Hackintosh TV

"The Bad Apple Of IPTV" :twisted:

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