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Setting up Pandora Jar with Firefox 3 Beta 5


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I went through the forums using both its inherent search and a google search (and just by looking through the first few pages), but was unable to find any relevant topics, so apologies in advance if this turns out to be a redundant post.

The standalone edition of PJ works just fine for me (I should be happy that it does right out of the box =), but I would like to set it up on Firefox 3 Beta 5.  To that end, I installed FF 3 Beta 5, then installed the latest version of Sephi's Flash Switcher, then Greasemonkey, then the pandora script.  Then I started the script through cmd; but of course I can't successfully grab anything. . it probably has to with the location of the temp/cache folders and a bunch of other stuff I'm sure I don't understand.

Could someone help me move/copy around the requisite pj files, then, into the FF 3 folder so it all works properly? Thank you so much in advance.

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doesnt really have much to do where the program is stored, the problem is that they made some changes in firefox that made it nearly impossible to grab the tracks for some reason, and since it is not the safest to have all users use a outdated version of firefox for web browsing, i did a standalone version so they can keep their updated safe copies, then the outdated copy for the sole purpose of handling of doing all things pandora related

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"Nearly impossible" as far as 'Pandora's Jar' is concerned, i bet, but there are other avenues waiting to be explored which

open the door to multiple browser/plug-in brands/versions.  There's no need to make more noise around the next state-of-

the-art wave by namely pointing at it in here but i have hope of easier days forward.

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i wish the original maker of pandoras jar was still working on it.

based on how pandoras jar currently is, it is nearly impossible for a proper rip using  firefox 3 but of someone who knows the code well would work on improving it then they are sure to get it working on firefox 3

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