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The computerised phone book?


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Just a crazy surrgestion which i have alredy started some work on but have got stuck on alredy. The idea is to use a computer with a modem to dial phone numbers, while it dials the phone number you pick up the phone, once it's finished dialing it hangs up leaving you on the line. I have alredy started looking into this, i'm thinking that command line control over a dialup connection would be nice, then using FreeSSHd I send the computer a command to change the phone number of the dialup connection, dial it then disconnect it. Does any one have any idea of how to control a windows dialup connection with out using the windows GUI?

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Now i'v worked out how to get it to dial diffrent phone numbers!

rasdial "<connection name>" /phone:<phone number>

Now i need to work out how to automatadly script this over SSH, probably would be easy in Perl, but I don't know Perl into any depth. Any one got any ideas on this one?

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PRoblem Encountered! (Don't mind me, i'm just using this as a place to speak my mind):

Over telnet the connection is not easy to droped, the connection only drops after the time out period (way too long), looking into solution.

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I think the way to get it to stop dialing is to send it the
rasdial "<connection name>" /disconnect

command in another telnet session, obviusly after the phone number has been dialed.

Didn't work.

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I wrote this which seems to work:

#include <fstream>

#include <windows.h>

using namespace std;

int main ( int argc, char* argv[] )


    ofstream modem;

    modem.open ( "COM3" );

    modem << "ATDT" << argv[1] << endl;

    modem.flush ();

    Sleep ( 5000 );

    modem << "ATHn";

    modem.flush ();

    modem.close ();

    return 0;


It takes the telephone number as it's first argument. You mgiht wanna stick some validation and stuff it there. It dials, waits 5 seconds then hangs up, my modem takes about 1.5 seconds to start dialing so I put quite a long wait to allow for long numbers.

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