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MySQL "Attacks"?


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Hi Guys,

I run a Windows 2003 Server (no flaming please – it’s part of the job!), which hosts various websites and forums.  Recently, I decided to install Cain and Able on it just to see what unencrypted traffic was being passed through (ie bad coding).  Unfortunately, this is what I discovered [next post].

I’m not overly concerned, because although I am running a MySQL server, the “root” account isn’t actually called “root”.  How can I stop this “attack” from happening and using up bandwidth and clock cycles?



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A lot of these are from bot networks and random searches for vulnerable networks, so this is only a bandaid against one person. If there is a hole in your software, patch it, or you are just setting yourself up for more attacks. Check this article: http://isc.sans.org/diary.html?storyid=4294

Most of these attacks are automated, so the user has very little to do other than click a button to start the process rolling.

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