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best linux/unix/BSD for todays laptop hardware??


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well topic says it all.  I got this laptop it seems to only work well with vista i really dont feel like leaving vista on it.  i would love to do something good with it.

I tried down grading it to xp what a nightmare.  missing drivers for just about everything important. 

model you ask? its a gateway mt3705.  i do have a full recovery disk just incase what ever i do with it don't work so any ideas i might just try.

so shoot.

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I find OpenSuse easier to install that Ubuntu and I find it more user friendly while keeping its Power user side.

*nix plus commandline = POWER USER

i totally agree im a command line guy but i do want a gue for websites and such

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Ubuntu is laptop friendly, and will be dead easy to setup.  Fedora will probally be happy, but slightly less newbie proof.  I like FreeBSD myself, but its a bit of a fiddle to setup. 

i would say ubuntu as well  just for the easy setup and the fact that it is very well documented

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Leet use slack.

I use opensuse (i didn't like my vaio though)

You didn't say why you need Linux.

personally I'd put more effort into the XP downgrade it's likely you'll have better hardware support (i'm sure there'll be drivers for all your hardware on the world wide interweb).

i don't have good experience with laptops and linux, wireless support is better then it was, but its still not that good).

also on a general Linux rant  what is the deal with all this mount by ID crap and why am i always having to manually put all my drives in fstab. The 'easier Linux tries to be the more confused i get.

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