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Hak.5 poetry ...


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Hak.5 poetry  ...

had to write something for english anyway so i wrote this :

Hack pack meet

The next hack pack meet

Location still unagreed

Probably Belgium, the netherlands or england

And on this feat

We all shall meet, to talk about hardware and exploits

we'll watch darren get drunk,

Evill server blows chunkes of raw unencrypted data

we'll all have a laugh as we lock up the staff

And make them all do our bidding

SomeoneE1se in control,And mubix our inside mole

take over the community and show

completely hardcore, run by the hak.5 community

bringing it all back to format

No skiddie crap , some beer on tap

new sketches and awesome new mods

hanging in the couch with geeky chicks

showing us their gaming tricks

Sparda at a ubuntu sketch

Tomb showing us some Hex

while famicoman and thephpjedi are just chilling

Djoek codes an IRC bot

While harisson waits at the pick-up spot

And vako and DLSS wardrive to him

The show aires online

We all drink some beer, vodka and wine

with the night ending in drunken banter

The crew gets released, another big feast

before we ship the crew back to the US

we all did the best , don't care bout the rest

Shall we never stop trusting our technolust !

(yeah its lame i kno but i didnt have much time)

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DarkSenay the drunk and VaKo the stoned,

TomB the coder and Moonlit just groans,

Sparda's Canonical Linux disc burns,

Wesley the mod man, the triple-e spurns,

The Jedi's the webdev and Chew's on the stream,

Shaun just explained his perverted daydream,

Leapo's antenna and Trkstr's peace pipe,

The former of which could do with a wipe,

GeekChick and StarStorm, Jillan and co.,

Cooper is AWOL, dJOEk's looking for hoes,

owine and dhp run IRC,

Which sometimes can be just a little obscene,

Mubix for secrets and nomad for 'sploits,

All throwing 'round flash sticks and CDs like quoits,

Famicoman's running dear MS Neptune,

I might have to draw this to a close soon,

K1u doesn't have one but metatron does,

Between the whole crowd there can be quite a buzz,

SomeoneE1se isn't, wetelectric is,

Amish has had some odd, strange ideas,

Keiyentai's sleeping and Kyu's by his side,

Where up on the shelf sits homemade cyanide,

benofsky is irish, the land of the Guinness,

Dids is at work, I've been told that he's Finnish,

Cosmo's a cartoon and Raktor's an Aussie,

BigBro69's who he used to be,

melodic and gameman are gone, not forgotten,

Among all the others, so fed up they'd gotten,

Take no offense if your name I've not mentioned,

I'm tired and it's hard to pay all attention,

Perhaps another I'll write here one day,

For now though I'm done so g'day!

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