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juat a quick memory question this time


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i've got my media center pc all built mostly; but i only have 128 mb of ram in it at the moment; is there a way to tell how much is the max. the mother board allows? its an older pc but runs windows xp great on 128 mb ram (its sd ram im almost certain, but i havn't checked for a while), and theres a sale on it at my local circuitcity (2x512 for $60), and thats the best i've seen it at for a while so if i can take that much ill pick up the 2; btu if not ill just live with the 1x512 ram, but i want to find out before i go pick it up

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there is no way to tell from just looking at the board.

Most motherboards will support at least 1GB, but it really depends.

i know you cant tell by looking at the board; but i was wondering if maybe there was a program that would tell you what the board could handle; i guess i could use cpuz or everest and just look up the board;

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I'm guessing it will be PC66 SDRAM, which is old hat these days. I'm even throwing away DDR1 memory atm because its to old for me to use.

its not pc66; it says pc100 i believe on the memory sticker; the whole sticker says

P/N 71.73323.115

S/N 1199501-00693

128mb UNB PC100 apacer

i googled it and the only site i can find is in italian and its some guy selling it; he doesn't say what type it is just the numbers and brand

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Use everest or google the s/n on the motherboard itself.  There should be some sort of identifying marks on the mobo though, manufacturer, etc.

ill check; it is a standard m/b from compaq back when windows ME was in full swing (maybe a year before xp came out i think)

another problem im having with this memory thing is the installation of xp; i have it set to boot from cd drive, floppy then harddrive but it skips over both cd and floppy straight to hardware; i have installed a new dvd burner into it and was planning on installing it using that, should i put the original drive back in and use that to install winxp? or is it the memory, because the memory is the original also maybe its gone bad or been shocked (its been left in during a lightning storm before; but i know the rest of the parts are ok

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