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usb drives portable apps?


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how do you make an app portable? i want to make photoshop (cs3 extended) portable, along with a few other programs  portable and throw them on my new 1gig memory stick.

i was reading up on a few google searches; the main reason i want to do this is because the computers (at my school and next year at the college ive been accepted) don't all have the same software so it's a hassle to try and get one with the programs you need, i guess the tech guys didnt feel like taking a few extra minutes to make sure every machine had the same programs haha

this is for personal, solely for me, use only; if you were wondering

so basically the list i want to make portable is:

adobe photoshop cs3 extended (along with the other programs that come with it)

microsoft word 2003

microsoft powerpoint 2003

microsoft excell 2003

chief architect (better homes and gardens) home designer suite 6.0



and i also want to keep the file sizes down as much as possible without taking away many features; ill be buying a usb drive of about 4 gigs to put this all on (more if i need it, local circuitcity carries up to 8 gig drives) but i do want plenty of room to keep the picture files and documents on the same usb drive

thanks in advance 8)

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Here is a walkthrough for CS2, but I woudl assume there are way sto do it with ANY program, so long as you copy the correct DLL's and shit to one folder.


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i wouldn't try to make microsoft office portable

openoffice would be a better choice


i can't get open office to work; every time i try it says corrupt (ive downloaded several times)

but for now; i have abiword and thats enough; i really want to get photoshop working portable, thats my main goal at the moment

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