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Remote Desktop Win to Mac


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Okay i got the Mac on the win network for the most part now i want to view my win on my mac when i go some were.

i used chicken of the vnc,remote desktop connection,vine,jollysfastvnc,logmein,

i got jollysfastvnc and logmein to work.

but jollysfastvnc dissconects after 20 seconds, and logmein cost to do file and printer transfering.

i cant get chicken of the vnc to work and i herd it was good.

vine i can get the server to work but not the viewer cost money.

and remote desktop connection is made by microsoft to work with microsoft but i cant get it to work.

so i can view my mac on my windows with no prob but i need to view my win o my mac with no prob.

does any one know of a good program and how to set this up. or tell me how to set up with one of the programs above. i need it to stay connected and transfer data.

on my win i have ultra vnc ,real vnc, tightvnc, plus the one built in win remote desktop. i can get the viewers to work not the server( i think or the servers could be working it could be my mac software.). the setting are all set in the networking pref on both mac and win.

Mac: Leopard macbook pro

Win: Vista (hope to be server 2008 soon.)

wireless network



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I was hoping to find a mac version of the common vnc4viewer which many Linux distributions are equipped with and is compatible with several VNC servers.

However, the only thing close to it I could find was this (which links to several other similar projects). That first page has not been updated since 2005.

Perhaps the assumption is "They bought a mac, they can afford the software"?

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thanks man that worked great just like the jollysfastvnc but it cut out as well after so many seconds. i do have a question will i be able to exchange files and stuff using these or do i have to use logmein and pay to do that.

i think it has something to do with my computer. for some reason the connection is horrible. wen i network to it i cant watch a movie from it on my mac but my other computer i can. so it must be the computer.  or just vista. i might go to sever 03 or sever 08 not sure what one to go to. because i don't use that computer any more i use my mac.

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