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Need help with MasterMind in C


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Here's my code:

void playGame(char*);

void adjudicateGuess (char*, char*, int);

void mastermind (char*);

char* GenerateCode();

void playOneTurn (char*);

char* calcBlack (char*);

char* calcWhite (char*);

int WinOrLose (int, int);

void print_feedback();

void mastermind (char* Gen_code) {

    //generate code --> char *

    char* Secret_code;


char* GenerateCode () {

    char* Gen_code;

    //generates code

    //outputs random code


void playOneTurn (char* Secret_code) {

    //User input (guess code)

    char* Guess_code;


    printf("one turn");


void playGame (char* Secret_code) {

    //loop; playOneTurn * 10

    int i;

    int turnValue = 10;

    for (i=0;i<turnValue;i=i+1) {




void adjudicateGuess (char* Guess_code,char* Secret_code, int WinOrLose) {

    //check positions, winorlose/print white pegs, print black pegs


char* calcBlack (char* Secret_code) {

    int blackpegs;


char* calcWhite (char* Secret_code) {

    int whitepegs;


int WinOrLose (int whitepegs,int blackpegs) {

    //does player win or lose?


void print_feedback () {



int main () {

    char c;

    playGame ();


    c = getchar ();



The error says:

H:Documents2008SDDCodeCMasterMindmastermind. c In function `main':

64 H:Documents2008SDDCodeCMasterMindmastermind. c too few arguments to function `playGame'


I can't seem to work out what's wrong.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  :)

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I don't do much C any more, but as it is similar to C#, i can help a bit.

You define play game as:

void playGame(char*);

but when you call it, you don't give the function argument:

playGame ();

So all you need is to have a char* variable as an argument, and it should work.

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