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not sure if this should go here possible project Hype machine


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Hey ok so I not sure if this should go here but its along similar lines so thought what the heck.

As Pandora is now restricted and its a pain in the proverbial to access outside the U.S.

Has anyone got a script or jar that could be adapted easily to be used with Hype machine a similar type of website to what pandora is.

Sorry I'm a complete novice and not really sure where you start with these things?

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Access outside of the U.S.A. doesn't have to be difficult, i produced three modules for Slax/NimbleX LiveCDs

which made it very simple:  install and forget.  The problem was that these were totally ignored, probably

because that's Linux stuff.  As a consequence, this project never went past the next step which should have

been to fix the [Grab] button...  There are much more versatile solutions coming anyway.  Pandora's Jar can

be killed once and for all very easily, the Pandora people just need to take advantage from it's very specific

needs!  The way of the future points at utilities capable of supporting multiple browser softwares (not just

'FireFox'), in combination with whatever plug-in version suits you better.  Right now the whole contraption

holds together only if you have the correct software/versions mix, while the next generation utilities won't

care about that anymore and beyond:  so-called tight counter-measures will become obsolete.  The original

authors of Pandora's Jar have left this forum it seems, a few good people tried to give Pandora's Jar a new

life but in the end its design needs a major revamping effort which will be difficult to justify, ultimately...

Fully automated captures outside the US would be possible using a modified portable version of TOR but it

might take a while so sit down and relax!  You may find some kind of proxies that work in the meantime, good

luck to you!  Perhaps PandoraRIP would work with TOR but i'm waiting for the Linux versions:  i don't want

this kind of setup to be installed on my PC permanently so only Linux Live CDs seem satisfying to me.  It's

only a matter of time before Pandora starts working again for me, i could live without it for months and there

was always the possibility of doing manual captures under Linux if the urge felt too strong.  Be patient, when

the right people will focus on this it will be worth the wait as you'll get access to other on-line radios as well.

Euh...  But my crystal ball gets foggy!  I can't tell hos much time we need to wait for a major outbreak.  I'd

say months instead of weeks but fortune telling has never been an exact science!...


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