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Anti USB Hacks Tool


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After the recent popularity of the USB based attacks I decided it might be nice to have something from the other team, as it were, so I threw together some basic protection against them.

I'll not release the source yet, it's an absolute mess, but I will release the binaries for anyone who'd like to test it...

It's available at http://tinyurl.com/6gu7jz and contains a readme to explain what the application does and how to use it.

It's nothing special, admittedly, and I'd really rather not get into an arms race with it but I thought it'd be something to keep me occupied and might be useful to someone, so there it is. I may or may not continue development on it depending on whether many find it useful.

Anyway, it requires .net framework 2.0 and to the best of my knowledge it should work on Windows XP and Vista, both x86 and x64.


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great!!! In what language did you program it?? Can't wait to get a look at the source even when it is a mess

It's actually written in a mixture of Visual Basic 2008 (the interface, drive and file enumeration) and Visual Basic 6 (drive ejecting). That's really not a good way to do it, but since it was a proof of concept and I really wanted to get it out quick, I didn't spend time working out the quirks in Visual Basic 08's inability to eject the drive correctly (that is, it worked on Vista but for some reason it didn't work on XP). If I still have the source I might release it in the next few days, I'll have a look for it a little later. It's not commented and it's not coded very well, my VB skills are a little rusty, but if people want it then I might as well, someone out there could probably clean it up and improve it.

Edit: Source

Full VB08 source. The VB6 bit is a problem right now, I still have it but I'm having issues retrieving it. Still, the bulk of the app is in the VB08 source, only the eject code is missing. Do with it what you will, it's free for modification, compilation, education, whatever.

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