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the_source Episode 5 - "The (Apple) Empire Strikes Back


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Greetings Hak fans!

The new episode is out. Check it out at http://www.thesourceshow.org. This show is about open source and is produced entirely with open source technology.


Brian talks about politics and open source, Aaron has a new job, DIVA, History of the iPod, iPodLinux, iDoom, Funny iPod commercials, Fedora Core 5, Beagle, F-Spot, and more ...

Thanks for all your support! Hak on!

If you are interested you can digg this post as well.


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So you guys are still alive after all? I have already formed a preliminary podcast team because it seems nobody is doing a good Linux video podcast regularly.

Hell -- the most regular mentions of Linux in a video podcast are on DL.TV -- and only because I set an email begging.. PLEADING for Linux .. and suggesting they use OpenSuSe. They did, and Robert Heron (aka the only person on the PLANET excited about Vista) LOVED it... and he talks about Linux (in passing) almost every show.

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Just a quick note to let everyone know that Episoode 6 is out. Here is the Synopsis:

Episode 6 - "The Return Of The Pixel" - August 10, 2006

Aaron and Brian discuss server upgrades, the latest poll, Microsoft caves in, americas army, the movies (stunts and effects), an interview with Helmar Rudolph co-founder of QUNU, Cinelerra tutorial #1, your email, we need your help!

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