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Distributing wireless in a school


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hey guys.

Im trying to figuire out the best way i can distribute Wifi AP settings and keys to around 120 laptops (XP) from our AD server (2003).

I know there is a setting in the GPO for setting basic info for access point like SSID and type of encription. But i can't find where you put the key?? am i missing a step?

Have any of you guys done the multiple access point wifi enterprise thingi / have any tips?


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We usually do it in the image before the hardware is rolled out tbh, but I'm guessing that in your case this won't work. Depending on the wireless cards in use, I know intel drivers have a managed profile thing you could use to role out SSID profiles to laptop users.

Your AD options are basically IEEE 802.1X if you want to stick with XP, or move to Vista/2008 and use the new wireless GPO's which would do exactly what your looking for.

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well there is a mixture of acer laptops with differing cards in them. It will be XP so will have to IEEE 802.1x < does this mean im gonna have to add in the keys to each laptop for each ap manualy!?

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Not sure what Acer etc use, but the Intel Wireless toolset that comes with most Dell Latitudes allows you to create an executable that you can distibute / run. Again now sure if Acer has anything like this.

Arn't wireless settings held in the registry?

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