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Black Screen-O-Death


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Well my original problem was that Miro wasn't displaying video, and only audio was working properly.  So after searching the web a lot of people said make sure your video card driver is up to date.  I'm running dual GeForce 8800 GT and not knowing what my current version was i attempted to update to V.  169. 21.  In the installation it asked if I wanted to replace existing file. . .  I did.  (Hope that wasn't a mistake)  After the prompted reboot I received no picture/graphics etc.    I can type in my password blind to log on but still no screen.  I'm guessing it has to do with the new driver version or is it possible that I did something to screw up the monitor? 

BTW:Not UB3R G33K but not completely retarded

A detailed and dumbed down explanation on how to fix the would be much appreciated.

Thanks to anyone taking time to read this.

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