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Going from C# to PHP


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I learned how to make web apps with C# with ASP.Net (and MSSQL) in school and have since realised that it's too expensive and impractical for real-world application.

Basically I want to learn PHP and I'd like some suggestions how to approach it.

I've messed with PHP on a couple Joomla sites and it seems pretty comfortable. But I couldn't write it from scratch.

Note: I am not a coder, but I do some web design and have a passing interest in this stuff.

Oh yeah, and I'm not buying any books. What I'd really like is a good website with a step by step tutorial which makes it easy but isn't too condecending or overly simplified.

I know there's a lot of programmers on here - and some were even talking about doing tutorials/classes - so I thought that maybe someone could or offer suggestions.

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