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TicTacToe (Batch Style)


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For every new programing language i learn, as a test to myself, i write a simple game of TicTacToe.

I recently decided it was time to brush up on my batch script skills, so wrote TicTacToe in batch.

While the code is not the neatest, and can probably be optimized a lot, it gave me great experience in writing this small app.

Anyways. Less talk, more code.


It uses basic batch commands, echo, if, set, cls, etc....

and no other executable files are needed!

No bad stuff, no "format C:", have a look, and please, leave feedback!

(342 Lines, MD5 Checksum: 54e81caaf2cf12a93b5e5fe29f13b8fe|TicTacToe.bat (Generated By FileCheckMD5))

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Not too bad, I was considering doing this the other day when I got bored and felt like playing a new game... instead I pulled out commander keen :) but nice work it will go well with my rock paper scissors game I made in batch, we could soon have a collection of them.

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GonZor, could you please send me the source code of your game?

I posted it on the forums a while back http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,799...3.html#msg82493 I have updated it since then because you can crash it if you were to input a special character (eg an ampersand), Ill try find the updated code for you over the weekend.

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