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multiple video cards


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I know if you put two of the same video cards it will work

I have upgraded my card but now I am getting more into working on my website so I need more space

I have an nvidia and an ATI and was wondering if I could use both of them at the same time

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sli needs 2 of the same exact cards to work (your motherboard must also support SLI)

the cards have to be the same exact model and be from the same company as most companies clock their cards differently

also know that SLI causes a huge bandwidth overhead

adding a second videocard usually only gives a 20-30% increase in performance 

you can get close to that by overclocking

thats the main reason why when a new videocard comes out, it is generally faster than 2 older cards in SLI

the raw performing power is  much less in the newer one, but the overhead of SLI causes a major slowdown

and if you play a game that doesn't support SLI, you will  loose performance  as compared to 1 card

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