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Color calibrating webcam


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Hi.  Long time viewer (aprox 36 hours), no time poster (since this is my first post).

Anyhow.  I was more or less just sitting here, clickcing around while my other computer installed Windows.  Again.  (It's actually some sort of corrupting hardware.  I cant just boot, I've gotta boot and then reset to get the bios to find all the disks).

Sitting there, googling and really just waiting watching 103 updates from Windows Update corrupting my system, I started thinking about Color Calibration.  Most likely it's because I'm studying to become som sort of crappy designer. 

The problem is this, tools for color calibration is expencive (since I'm a student and in need of beer) and therefore, since, as to my knowledge, the simplest form for color calibration only seems to make some adjustements according to the temperature of the light in the room, it should be possible to create something that does this out of a webcam.  I'm pretty sure it would work like crap compared to real color calibrators, but wouldn't it be cool if the webcam already integrated in your laptop (since everyone gets that now) adjusted the screen according to the lightsource around? And better yet, if it actually worked sort of like a color calibration tool.  Although like a crappy one?

I could'nt find anything like that googling (since I'm a lousy googler) but perhaps someone knows about a similar program?

Or, if it does'nt exist. . .  I'm to stupid to make it happen, but that's what YOU are here for isn't it?

To describe my "hacker" experience.  I DID NOT DISMANTLE THE VACUM CLEANER! (Dismantled everything else though.  And even managed too disdismantle some of it.  Sometimes it even worked.  But since I only used 1 week to fuck up my first computer I kinda place my self in the nøøb (norwegian and monty python fan, everyone else here say's n00b :-?) section.

PS: the fact that im norwegian is my exuse for typos.  engrish is crappy no matter how you look at it.  it's because of the vikings.  we were drunk while invading you.  sorry.

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