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Internet Lock Down - How To Make It Almost Ok


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My parents are locking down the internet so...........

I figured I'd convert my irc server into a personal intranet server.

But what should I have it do? The current items that connect to the network are:




Playstation 2

Playstation Portable

Going through internet withdraw here!

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I thinking more toward a media server.

but it only has a 20GB hdd, I think it would be best for mp3s and not video unless there is a good compression that would allow me to store a good amount of video.

I don't have a streaming box, how can I stream my audio and video into my stereo and tv? I'd like to stream it into tv via the cables lines in the house, unsure if I can with my current hardware.

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I don't understand the question.

Is there a video compression that will compress dvd quality videos to the exstent I could have say 40 movies on my hdd or more.

It's an old pc p2 proc 512 ram 20gb hdd...

And what would be the best software to use?

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