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Print Screen to webserver


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Hello all,

I was once lurking on your IRC on night when a guy told me about a script he had that allowed him to press a key binding on his keyboard and the computer would print screen, copy it to his web server with a randomly generated name, put it in a directory that was served, and past the URL to his clipboard

so he was pasting things like this:


(although the site does link above i put that in as an example(and no its not mine))

How is this achieved? As i am really interested to use it,

Thanks in advance

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Just use a keyhook to look for the print screen button,

then take a screen shot, save it to a local directory, then you have 2 options:

1. Run a local web server, and just copy it there

2. Automate a FTP upload of the file

Easy, then just set the clipboard to have the url.

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