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Windows Recovery Console Stand Alone?


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My uncles computer was bosd-ing on boot saying the the boot secotor was unbootable. So I used the recovery console in the windows installation cd and the fixboot and fixmbr commands and that did the trick.


Is there a way to get a cd that contains only the recovery console for windows xp?


btw, what would have caused the problem in the first place?

He said it was a new installation and the last thing he did was install a sound card driver for the mother board. And the computer restarted fine, but when he shutdown and then turned on his computer is when the problem occured. No access to any safe mode options either.


ok anytime the computer is shutdown this must be re-done any fix?

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I haven't seen a CD with just the recovery console but there are lots of boot disks that can do what the recovery console does and more.  I think the idea of having it on the same disk is that if the recovery fails you'll need to reinstall anyways why not save the user having to replace the disk.

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