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--The Time For Helping is Nigh--


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I agree in the since that "we all didn't just appear to the world as hackers" is a true statement. :-?

Speak for yourself, I was born a hacker.  8)

They say that tomb coded himself from nothing.

Tomb, could you please send me the source code?? I want a clone xD


Haha Tomb's coding skills are great, even if u don't get along with him due to his personality, u can't deny his skill.

Also its good to see now that there have been a few more threads that have been followed through instead of just, "N00b GTFO", they have actually turned into a discussion.

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k1u, please stop posting single word post, as it is disruptive to the thread, and you're not really helping the cause (Not Flaming Noobs).

Lets try to stay on topic and post relevant, constructive posts.

Oh haha, sorry about that. :(

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Oh of course. Trust me at some point you have to determine whether someone is too retarded for you to make them your sidekick, you know? Such as in the original Half Life, sometimes you just had to decide whether that scientist was going to follow you, or stay behind and slow the headcrabs down a bit so you could go save the world.


[me=Didanix]moans & nods.[/me]

Gotta agree with this, but as always, there will be some exceptions who are beyond our help.

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