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overclock your laptop guide (soft or hard) , or the cpu in your desktop...


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Laptop Overclocking

hxxp: laptoplogic. com/resources/detail. php?id=15&page=1

Laptop Pin Mod Overclocking Guide

hxxp: www. laptoplogic. com/resources/detail. php?id=35&PHPSESSID=04a310f0bb20ff9a0645c6f13243b2b0

Battle of the Mobile CPUs: Core Duo vs Pentium M

hxxp: www. madshrimps. be/?action=getarticle&articID=434

love the show, funny as ! keep it comin. . .

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i dont think clocking a laptop is a great idea, laptops have a lot of heat issues to begin with and if kill your CPU you pretty much SOL because you cant buy a new one off the self, and the CPU often takes out the mobo with it and then your really ****ed.

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do not overclock your lappy. i overclocked my cpu and my dvd drive didnt show on start up some of my program wouldnt work and it was slower than when i had it clocked normally. no temp increase but it was just fucked.

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