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A quick puzzle for you all


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Still no correct answers :P

Remember... Send them on the back of a postcard, as we do not open envelopes.

I think another clue is in order! So here you go... It's three words:

vGy eWWa wux WLaR xAq 

nPL SA lty sVCb 

nDe YbXl oO cxNb bDnm GS eWES bng NGeG zEn

Maybe I made it a little too hard? :?

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Alright. I'll let you all know. It was pretty mean afterall, I guess :)


"Trust your technolust"... I thought someone would have got it just from counting chars, which is why I put it all on one line to start with.

I'm pretty sure it's not something you will have not come accross before. It's morse code of a 2 char shift. The sneaky bit being that the dots are represented by lower case letters and the dashes are represented by upper case letters. The idea being that everyone gets completely thrown of the scent by focusing too much on the letters themselves. I actually thought melodic had it when he asked about the capital letters.

So to round up...

trust -> two char shift = rpsqr

rpsqr -> morse code = .-. .--. ... --.- .-.

.-. .--. ... --.- .-. -> caps / lowercase = vGy eWWa wux WLaR xAq

Sorry if it was a little hard, guys :)

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i new that all along, i just didnt want to spoil it for anyone :roll: :wink:

Sure sure ;)

Just after I posted the answer I realised I had a PM from tabath from a few hours before hand.

He's the only person to get it! So well done to tabath. A big round of applause, and... stuff? :roll:

You win a piece of GNU licensed software of your choice :wink:

Seriously... If I come up with another puzzle, I'll think of a little prize of some sort :)

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pron - you call that pron!! :lol:

What kind of Gnu porn do you want? There is a rather wide rang, a few tpyes are mentioned here:

Bull on female action

bull on bull action

female on female action

bull orgy

female orgy

cross gender orgy

Gnu in a Gimp suit (Gnu, Gimp... get it? ;))

THoughs are just a few...

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