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Dump Cache Questions


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I recently installed Gonzors 2.0 switchblade, which has the option to dump the windows cache Example:


Username, hash and domain removed by request of British Petroleum

This is what is returned, I am new to playing with hashes and I am completely lost as to how this can be converted back to the original password. If anyone will please enlighten me, I would greatly appreciate it.  Google suggested ophcrack, if this will work where do I get the tables it requires? Thank you again.

I think this is MD5 format, can someone confirm this and maybe explain what it means? Il be googleing until I see a reply, thank you.

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These are username-salted MSCASH hashes, thus rainbow tables won't work.

You will need something like John The Ripper (with the MSCASH patch), cachebf, or Cain and Abel to perform a dictionary and/or brute force attack.

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