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Different switchblade payload


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After seeing the Episode on the Switchblade, i set about making my own version (i nicknamed it scanit). Its taken me ages i know, (im on version 4 at the moment)

It is much less advanced in some ways, but it has other advantages over the other payloads.

It does not rely on a U3 drive and Outputs the data in an HTML document for easy reading.

I dont expect it to be an award winner lol, but i thought it might be something worth submitting.


Here is how it works:

The autorun insures that when you double click on the drive icon, it runs.

The VB script runs the Batch script in a hidden shell.

The script compiles the HTML page and runs the utilities (mostly from NirSoft)

The Outfut files are stored in the directory /goodie/%computername%/scanit_%computername%.html

The commenting is awefull..sorrry, mabey i will do some when i get some spare time from my A-levelsĀ  :-P

thats about it

...man its been ages since ive been on the forums lol, good to be back :P

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Hey. I just tried it and it's quite good. The AV didn't detect anything. But I have a problem. In the html page I get an error for the Moz Password:

Error : Firefox profile directory is not specified

FirePassword (Ver 2.0.1) : Firefox Username & Password List Decryptor

by Nagareshwar Y Talekar

For latest version visit http://www.securityxploded.com.

Usage :

FirePassword.exe [-m "master password" ] [Firefox_Profile_Directory]

I'm using a german system. It says something about the profile directory is not specified. Could it be that the german paths to that directory are different to the english one?

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Usually the firefox profile is stored in %appdataMozilla Firefox (or just Firefox). This means:

[GER] C:Dokumente und EinstellungenBenutzernameAnwendungsdatenMozilla Firefox

[ENG] C:Documents and SettingsUsernameApplication DataMozilla Firefox

I don't have seen the actual code, but if he didn't use variables it might be that he have used fixed paths.

Another possibility, do you have Firefox?

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