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using exe in linux

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There exists a not-emulator called Wine (stands for "Wine is not an Emulator") which runs some little programs and even CS without any bigger problems.

But if you want to use Adobe, Microsoft or other bigger software, it would be better to create a virtual pc (google for virtualbox/vmware/qemu), a pc which does only exists in zeros and ones, but not in metal and silicon. A pc in a pc so to say. On such a virtual pc you can install windows/$OS and use the software you want.

Not very suitable though.

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Wine isn't an emulator in the sence that it is an implimentation of the Windows API rather than pretending to be Windows.

I'm trying to think of an example to exapnd my point. All I can think of is SQL databases: "EnterpriseDB is a implimentation of SQL that matches and is compatible with Oracle, but it is not pretending to be Oracle."

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All these guys are just fucking with you press alt+f2 and search terminal or gnome-terminal. Open it and locate your .exe file using the ls and cd commands. Then simply type.

wine exename.exe

Hope this helps.


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