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USB Repeater


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My friend's mom works at an elementary school and she recently got one of these "smart boards" that she hooks up to her laptop.

These smart boards are basically a projector that has touch and some neat software on the computer.  I don't really know specifics but that doesn't matter.  It connects to a computer over a VGA cable for the projector and USB for the touch aspect of it.

My friend came to me with the problem: "My mom thinks her laptop is too unportable now because she has to plug and unplug this stuff every time she wants to move her computer.  Is there any way to go wireless and still have the same functionality?"

I told him to use VNC and hook the projector up to an old box and just have the screen mirrored.  Now that we have that part down, time for the USB.  I was stumped at this.  Is there any way to, over the network, make a USB device connected to one computer show up like it was connected to another computer?

I've looked but I can't find anything.  Any help you guys could offer would be great.

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The laptop does have USB ports but it is easier just to hook up to wireless and away you go.

You can get projectors that will work (some how) over (802.11) wireless (I assume that requiers some strange software). I havn't seen any wireless USB adapters. However, I have seen ethernet USB ports (that seem like they shouldn't work). Combined with a AP it could work. Except now the laptop needs two wireless adapters. One for the projector, another for the AP.

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