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USB Hacks | I've registered and now I can't see it?


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How about in all of the pre-packaged "click to pwn" stuff, something is broken, just one line or something really simple, but enough so that the skitties go "oh noez, my leet hacking program is broked"

Not going to happen.  I know that can work well, so long as those who create the payloads maintain distance from their users.  Here however, people take a certain amount of pride in making their payload easy to use.  Also, I doubt you have been on the other side, when people constantly complain about how something is broken, but the other thousand people who have downloaded your payload clearly aren't having problems.

In the future this is certainly an option, but I think its unrealistic, given how this is a community, not a site like milworm.  On milworm people can post an exploit and no one will ever talk to them.  Here the creators are very accessible, its a different atmosphere.

As to usb hacks, I think it would be nice if just in general people kind of ignored it as an issue for a bit.  With GonZor being made mod, there will be changes, why doesn't everyone wait and see how it goes, instead of suggesting more alternatives.  Besides, only one thread has had any posts recently, though the number may start to go up w/o the post minimum in effect.

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The post minimum has been removed...

idk if someone has all ready posted a suggestion like this, but anyways, instead of doing 16 posts why not do 10 posts plus you have to wait 3-5 days after their account has been created?

And as Darren said, your kinda censoring the forum.  With proper moderation, there is no problem.  Its bad to create artificial barriers to joining, especially since the internet is all about instant gratification.  We've already talked it to death, just let it be.

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