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Reverse DNS


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I hope someone can shed some light on Reverse DNS for me as my head is in a real mess.

I am in the middle moving people away from a workgroup / POP email setup to a Domain / Exchange based setup, it's a long slow process so I am currently having to support both setups.

(Please note the old setup was not mine)

We are using Fasthosts to provide email via POP3, our domain was registered with Network Solutions and a 3rd party hosts our website, BT is our ISP.

How the dual systems are working ok and as mentioned one by one I am moving people away from Fasthosts (I will get to the end point sometime this year, when mail will then come in via SMTP and resolve this Reverse DNS mess)

The problem I am having is that email my new Exchange users send to AOL / China all get bounced due to Reverse DNS not working (people on the old system can send fine as Reverse DNS resolves to Fasthost) I have read that I can have more than one Reverse DNS PTR record and I belive this could possibly solve the issuse I am having? If not - why not? Second question is how do I track down where this additional PTR needs to go, I have read that Network Solutions do not support Reverse DNS, thirdly does anyone have any other suggestions?

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I havn't configured DNS on the DC, havn't seen the need, Exchange/DC Promo would have done the leg work?

I am also thinking that surely Network Solutions (who provide DNS for the Domain) should have RDNS settings?

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