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Major differences btwn H.264 and DivX


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I've been hearing all these good things about H.264, like how it's better than just about any other format for small video sizes and resolutions, but I'm wondering if it's true. I ask because I'll be redownloading some videos I lost when my backup died and I want to know if I should go for it over DivX, which is another one of the choices. I'll be looking at the videos on either my 15.4" laptop or a PMP; I don't know which yet, but it'll at least have a 2.4" screen.

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264 is good for small files on things like ipods and keeping the file size down with good quality video, but I prefer xvid and divx because my DVD player plays them natively. If you just watching them on your pc, then I would go for what you want by comapring the two same videos encoded with both and make a decision on preference from there.

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