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A CoD4 app like the one Anthrax wrote, more features.


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why would you learn vb6?

learn vb.net, you get the visual studio express editions for free.

Why learn Basic, Qbasic or bat scripting? VB6 is a language like any other, it serves a purpose, and why not? For all th epeople who bash it, its a good as any place to start. It might make it a bit harder to move beyond it since it is so easy to learn and use, you dont get the fundamentals of programming, but there is no reason not to use it other than personal preference. Personally, I prefer VB6 over .net anyway. Its got a wider user base and you can find more source code for it than .net

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VB6 really is outdated now and I say that as a keen ex-VB6 user myself. If you're going to use VB I really would recommend updating to .net just to keep up. VB.net 2008 is a lot more like VB6 now anyway except with a better IDE and much better compatibility with newer versions of Windows.

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personally VB.NET is a much easier place to start than VB6, having spent some time with VB6, the IDE in Visual Studio is much better than the IDE in VB6.

The MSDN forums is a great place to find answers to all your questions, the MSDN Documentation that comes with VB.NET is extensive and provides a lot of code examples.

The only problem with VB.NET is that it requires at the minimum .NET 2.0, but most people have that installed, and you can include .NET with your installation files.

The express editions which are free have all the features that a novice or amateur coder would want.

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