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Pandora's Jar in Ubuntu

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I've been using PJ for a while, but have recently given up WinXP in favor of Ubuntu 7.10. I read the tutorial by FlyingSaucrDude about using PJ in Wine, but since PJ is all java, there should be an easier way...er...right??  :-? If anyone could tell how to get it working in linux without Wine, I'd be grateful. If not, its back to playing with Wine until I get PJ working. Thanks in advance for the help. 

(I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but i didn't see it in the forums)

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I think it's time to look elsewhere.  I just loaded 'FireFox v2.0.0.12' a few minutes ago with

the 'ShockWave Flash v9.0 r115' and 'JAVA SE v1.6.0_03' plugins installed.  A customized

version of 'Portable TOR' provided access to www.pandora.com while a secret ingredient

allowed me to capture the .MP3 files with 19 characters long filenames composed of random

letters & numbers.  This is not a definite solution, there are severe limitations including the

filenames and tags but this clearly demonstrated to me that 'Pandora's Jar' now obstructs

the path to less restrictive installations where MS-IE, FireFox, Opera and other browsers,

not to mention a mix of up-to-date plugins, euh...  are finally allowed.  It's been done once,

i have no doubt it can be done again but the most potent gurus among us will need to stop

beating dead meat like 'Pandora's Jar' and, no, i'm sorry but i'm not among those people...

Oh, and i almost forgot to specify that the secret ingredient works on other music sites too.

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