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an interesting project/problem

cheshire cat

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first off after watching the program for a while, I realize awesome and rare it is to find some real hacking hobbyists who make stuff happen and work.  it's very refreshing to know that there some people who still believe in the phrase:  where there's a will, there's a way

It's been a month since I've purchased my Motorola S9 bluetooth headphones http://www.motorola.com/motoinfo/product/d...balObjectId=177 and have been amazed by what I can do when combine the S9 with my HTC touch and cyberon's voice dialer which is a voice activation program

I use it to listen to stereo music

launch programs

stereo music remote control

speed dial

raise and lower volume

teach iphone users the meaning of envy

and maybe later voice to text input

just being able to do that with with the a2dp remote and microphone of the s9 makes it feel like it's 2030 where people are wired to computers and technology is transparent and everywhere.  the s9+htc touch is a great no hassle way of getting the information you want pumped into your ears

so as a hardcore gamer, DJ and student I've asked myself,

why the hell can't my computer do this?? i mean, it's 2008 and I'm still using a keyboard and mouse for everything?

I'm trying to make the S9's work on my mac book pro running windows xp+bootcamp drivers but windows doesn't even support a2dp much less handsfree wireless mic  profile

i've an online tutorial by katy hxxp: www.djkaty.com/drupal/vista/bluetootha2dp but installing broadcomm's bluetooth stack gives me an error telling me that there is no bluetooth radio device detected which is total bull as i've been able to send files to my HTC touch via bluetooth).    I've also tried installing another bluetooth replacement stack called bluesoleil; which is a french program that translates to "will make you swear like the tourettes guy as you reinstall the bootcamp drivers"

anyways how do i make bluetooth a2dp work and my s9's mic to work via bluetooth on pc? is my ultimate question

mega bonus 1337 haxor points go to someone who can knows how would I be able to designate specific programs to send audio through the minijack or a2dp.    or if you could recomend a voice activation program that works as well as cyberon's voice dialer I'm looking for the type of functionality where I can press the voice button issue a command and then good stuff happens I bet lots of other people thought of doing the same thing

where there's a will there's way. . .

what do you say guys?

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