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Almost affraid to ask about BO2K


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I've been reading this forum for a little while, but just signed up today.  I read all the warnings about posting the wrong types of questions, and I'm almost afraid to ask this.  But let me first say that I'm not asking any one to hack any passwords for me or to make me a hacker, or anything like that.  And honestly, the only time I use "leet speak" is mostly to mock people using "leet speak". 

If this is an inappropriate question, please have some pity for me.  I do not mean to post inappropriately.

I was wondering if there is a recommended remote access program to be used with Switchblade.  My goal is to be able to insert a U3 drive into a computer, wait a little, and then be able to control the computer with a cell phone.

I intended to do this by having the U3 drive launch a "hijacker" (lack of a better term) that is controlled through an IRC channel that I can access from a cell phone.  I used jMirc to access the IRC channel on the cell phone, and Back Orifice 2000 to control the PC.  The U3 drive works, jMirc works, BO2K works, but the plug-in for BO2K that allows control through an IRC channel seems to not be working.  If anyone can shed a little light on this, it would be much appreciated.

I know BO2K is probably not the best program to use, but since I want to do this mainly for demonstration purposes, there is not a large need for secure data transfer.  BO2K is really the only remote access program I know.  Since I'm not trying to be a black hat hacker, or whatever the kids are calling it, I don't need anything more sophisticated than BO2K.

Again, if this question is inappropriate, or in the wrong place, please have pity on me.  It's literally my first day posting.


P. S.  Oh, Google didn't help me, either.

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Theres a reason there is little documentation about bo. This is something you don't talk about in public circles where people can shun you. There is no good use for trojans except as possibly a legit remote admin tool, but there are many better choices for that.

From my mean guy side, I give you "Fucking stop asking about skiddy shit. If you want to do that, take it upon yourself and stop polluting web communities. We are by no means cDc's forums, so don't think we have the same goddamn answers they would."

This topic is locked, and to be used as an example

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