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RAID 5 - Free NAS


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Hey all,

I'm looking to change my linux-based samba server over to FreeNAS. I'm gonna get a few 500 Gb hard drives. I want to make the jump to RAID 5 for obvious reasons. However, I want to know if I should be looking into some kind of controller card with hardware based RAID or is software based RAID works just as well. I've heard great things about FreeNAS, I'd just like to know the best way of getting the RAID 5 setup going. Thanks.

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I looked at FreeNAS and it seemd more for flash drives etc ... I mean any storage server you have will MOST likely be connected to a network and MOST likely  running some kind of service  .. you need a full OS to auto check for updates etc I just  figured install freebsd or openbsd ..

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