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forums.hak5.org moving to Invision Power Board

Darren Kitchen

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As part of the website redesign (see consistency among homepage and wiki) these forums will be moving to the IPB platform.

Over the weekend a snapshot of these forums were imported into the IPB database and the new platform is available for your testing at http://www.hak5.org/ipbtest

Over the next few days I encourage you to test the new system and report feedback to this thread including bug reports, feature requests, complaints and comments.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank VaKo, Moonlit, Famicoman, and Cooper for their work moderating the forums. We truly appreciate their dedication to the community. As we make the transition to the new platform please keep their valued efforts in mind.



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I know the new IPB forums are in testing, but has anything happened to the old forums in the process. Few things I noticed.

1:   Seems the SMF forums are not setting cookies at all and only using PHP sessions.

2:   I get the PHP sessions now showing up in the address bar after every link of the forums, which in itself is bad for xss or session stealing when going to other sites that you may show your referrer info to. If the referrer URL shows the session ID, it can be sued to logon to the site as someone else.

I am not sure if its a problem with SMF or if its because something from the new forums is overriding the cookies. In fact, it looks like the whole www.hak5.org is not setting cookies at all. Maybe I need to clean my cache and shit. I'll poke around my pc and see if maybe I did something to cause it, but just wanted to post in case anyone else has noticed your forced to logon every visit to the forums now, as it does not save my settings to keep me logged on.

edit: Ok. Figured out what it was. Because I use Opera and have settings disabled for sites by default(like block cookies, javascript, etc), when I viewed the original link Darren posted for the new forums at http://hak5.org/ipbtest instead of what is now http://www.hak5.org/ipbtest, the browser did not have settings set to allow cookies for http://hak5.org/ipbtest Because it was http://hak5.org/ipbtest without the www, it treated it differently than www.hak5.org, but also takes priority over any other site within the hak5.org name space, thus blocking me from accepting cookies for the rest of the site. As soon as I changed the settings for hak5.org to match those of www.hak5.org and forums.hak5.org, the forums worked correctly and started to store my cookie data again. 8)

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the average page size is 50% larger

the old /current forum look, each page is around 30KB in size

with the new look  each page is 80-160KB in size

still loads fast since i have dsl but  can be  a little harder on dialup users (if there even any dialup users still on the internet )

avatars become distorted because it doesnt keep the correct aspect ratio  and avatars are extremely small

well at least they fixed the display problem that is still present in the current forum

recording of it

(the page extends down further than needed  and on lower res screens gives the look of a blank screen )


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Have all the users been transferred yet? Because my login doesn't seem to work on t3h neu boardz.

Same problem... Did you transfer the entire database? I really want to try out IPB. I think that my password might be a problem, it uses non-standard characters...

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