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Universal Customizer Permanently Damanges My Autorun


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I created a switchblade device using the instructions on this website but something screwed up and I get an error message every time I plug in a flash based drive, ipod/card reader. 

The error will read " stunnel failed to create new service" on win 32.    This to me is weird because the Universal customizer and the SB config shouldn't be writing to my system but the problem is unique to my computer.    Now I can't plug in a flash device without it giving me that freaky error message. 

Is their some hidden portion of windows that I don't know about that was corrupted by the installation.    Can someone give me a hand?

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No parts of the program screws with it.  It's not us (GonZor' Payload), if anything its the Universal Customizer.  A few thoughts:

a) Uninstall the usb driver on that port and then let it reinstall next time you plug something in.

b) You ran the payload on yourself, otherwise stunnel wouldn't be bothering you.  The payload doesn't run unless you enable settings in SBConfig and subsequently plug it into your pc and have it autorun.  Hold shift to stop this from happening during drive insertion.  SBConfig doesn't run anything, it writes to various dat files stored in a hidden directory on your flash drive called System.

c) Use Remkow's White Hat payload (search the forums) to remove the items you installed on yourself (Hacksaw/VNC)

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