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There is a site called iLike that lets you install a plugin to your iTunes program, supposedly to make socializing with friends and sharing playlists easier. They also let you sample free music in the form of Flash FLV files on their site. Knowking the loopholes in flash that have allowed me to rip the mp3's right out of the files from places like MySpace and Pandora, etc, I decided to poke aroudn with their site a little.

What I found out is that you can save the flv files to your dekstop and extract the mp3 form the file very easily. Almost too easily. What you will need is Wireshark and Media Player Classic (COmes bundled with Quick Time Alternative if you cant find it).

Load Wireshark and have it start capturing on your NIC. Then navigate to www.ilike.com

Click on a play button for any file that says "Full song" (these are the flash ones. The mp3 downloaded ones are already there for the taking so wer ento going to discuss them) You will hear the song start playing pretty much right away. Go back to Wireshark and look through for anything ending in .flv and follow the tcp ip stream in wireshark. This is the actual FLV file and the http reques tin the packets. You should see something like this at the top of the packet:

GET /s/0000/142/0000142083.flv HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Opera/9.26 (Windows NT 5.1; U; en)
Host: c.ilike.com
Accept: text/html, application/xml;q=0.9, application/xhtml+xml, image/png, image/jpeg, image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, */*;q=0.1
Accept-Language: en
Accept-Charset: iso-8859-1, utf-8, utf-16, *;q=0.1
Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip, x-gzip, identity, *;q=0
Connection: Keep-Alive

Copy the host and the get parm into a URL.

EX: "http://c.ilike.com/s/0000/142/0000142083.flv" and plug it into your browser and it should spit you the file to download.

Now the fun part. Open Media Player Classic and drag or open the file into the program and you will hear the audio start playing. Click File, Utils, DSM Converter, and drag the flv file into the white window. Right click on the Tree icon that says "AUDIO" and click Demux. It will prompt you to save the MP3 file out of the FLV download.

Enjoy :)

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Nifty i think i may begin using this and trying that.

What do you use to convert Mp4 to MP3?

so far fair tunes is working for me.

If you have quicktime pro, you can export it to many different formats. May have to jumo through hoops, like dump it to avi and then extract the audio and then make an mp3 out of the audio stream(or there may be an mp3 option from videos by default, I forget) but I have Quicktime 7 pro on my XP64 bit side and it dumps them to any format pretty easily.

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Thanks going to give it a try..

Is the bitrate of every song the same?

or lemme rephrase it.. is the quality higher then 128?

I dont remember what they all are but I think they are all the same encoding level.

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